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Do you have a dental practice in Norfolk and want to get more high-quality leads for your business?

Did you use the term “SEO for dentists“, “SEO for dentists in Norfolk” or something similar? If so, you can see why good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the cornerstone of ranking success on Google.

According to the General Dental Council (GDC) the number of registered dental practices in the UK grew by 2.5% in 2024 with a total of 44,209 currently listed on the register. This means that there are more and more dental businesses competing for patients. 

It’s a fact that the vast majority of your dental patients will use Google to locate their nearest practice. Can you currently be found?

Search engine optimisation aims to make sure your website is placed near the top of Google when a prospective patient searches online. By utilising SEO, your business can continue to flourish and attract new business for your practice.

How does search engine optimisation for dentists work?

It’s ok having a website for your business but it must be found by the right people using the right keywords. Google only shows 10 results at the top of its search results (SERPs), and if your practice is not near the top or at least on the first page, you will be missing out on many new leads and business which your competitors will be more than happy to receive.

So how can my SEO services boost your online presence?

Dental businesses are considered Your Money Or Your Life (YMYL) pages by Google. Any page or website that promotes a product or service which is potentially harmful to a person, either physically, financially or otherwise, requires more trust signals than regular websites. With more than 16 years SEO expertise, I have in-depth knowledge of the criteria that Google uses to qualify YMYL websites which are commonly referred to as E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust).

If you have a website or content that is categorised as YMYL, you must optimise the site for E-E-A-T so you can demonstrate to Google that your site can be trusted and hence ranked high enough in the search results.

This is where I come in as I can help you navigate these complexities and get your dental practice website ranking at the top of Google.

So how am I different to other SEO agencies and providers?

Expertise: I have more than 16 years experience in ranking websites. I am also a former internet engineer which means I have unrivalled knowledge of the web.

Transparency: I stand by the principles of open communication and transparency throughout our partnership journey. Starting from the initial strategy development phase to continuously tracking performance, I ensure to keep you informed and engaged. This ensures you have complete visibility into the whole SEO process.

Support: I provide personalised support to every client. This means monthly meetings either in-person or online, as well as SEO reports so you can keep track of our progress. I am always available to answer any questions you may have.

SEO For Dentists FAQs

One of the first places a person will look online to find a dentist if via Google search. Every day, many people will use Google to find a dental practice just like yours. If you do not rank well, you will be missing out on a ton of new patients, instead, allowing your competitors to treat them instead. By conducting regular SEO, your site can get to the top of Google where prospective patients can finally see it.

SEO can start working from day one, however, it can take weeks or even months to start ranking for highly competitive search terms. In the early days of your campaign we target the less competitive long-tail search terms and gradually work our way up to the high value, high volume keywords.

No, you will not. I believe in hard work and transparency and have no desire to tie clients into a service they do not want. SEO is a partnership. As a team we work together to get you where you need to be, at the top of Google, ranking well and attracting new business.

Yes, 100%. Everything I do including on-site and off-site SEO is strictly within Google’s guidelines and best practices. I work hard to keep abreast of all changes within the SEO industry.

No, of course not. If you are local to me this is an option otherwise a phone call, some emails or video chat would be just fine.

Yes, this is standard practice. Each month I will send you are report so that you can see how things are progressing in terms of your rankings, traffic, conversions and much more.

Budgets for marketing purposes come in all shapes and sizes and I can generally accommodate a client regardless of their budget. However, it is important to note that you will need to budget a sufficient amount each month to push your website effectively.

Your dental business website falls under the category of YMYL (Your Money or Your Life), which indicates its potential to significantly impact individuals’ well-being, be it physically, financially, or otherwise. As such, it’s crucial to convey the appropriate trust signals to Google and demonstrate your trustworthiness to achieve favorable rankings.

Why work with me to promote your dental services in Norfolk?

With more than 16 years working as a freelance SEO consultant, I know just what it takes to get dental websites like yours to the top of Google’s search results. Whether you are based in Norfolk, or elsewhere in the UK, you can be sure that you will be working for a high-calibre SEO professional who gets results.

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